Wonders of the North Island - 2015

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At the close of 2014, Mejun painted the Hunua Falls on a large canvas.

Hunua Falls (144cm wide x 112cm high)

In January 2015 Mejun started on a series of Seascapes.

She painted two at Whangamata over January and early February.  Over March to June she painted the two at Tawharanui.  In October, she finished the one of Flaxmill Bay (which she had started a couple of years earlier - which posed a challenge, because the kanuka in the foreground had grown considerably).

Cliffs of the South Coast - Whangamata  (151cm wide x 50cm high)

Tawharanui Beach  (153cm wide x 50cm high)

Clark Island - Whangamata   (91cm wide x 43cm high)

Tawharanui Rock   (152cm wide x 76cm high)

Flaxmill Bay   (91cm wide x 45cm high)

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