Totara Park 2010 Exhibition

Auckland Botanic Gardens Visitors Centre - 22 Sep to 10 Oct 2010

This was an exhibition of works that Mejun had done over the preceding 18 months, that captured 12 delightful views, nooks, and crannies around Totara Park - which is adjacent to the Auckland Botanic Gardens in Manurewa.  Two of these paintings were included in Bruce Ringer's book Countryside in the City - A History of Totara Park Manurewa (publised by Auckland Communities Foundation in 2012 - on pages 2 and 55 and the back cover).

What might the Manukau City Council representatives have foreseen in 1965, when they were considering the possibility of purchasing this large parcel of land that we now call Totara Park?
Families gathering in a picnic area, chatting and laughing over BBQs, while their children are having a great time in the swimming pool, on a hot summer afternoon - perhaps?
...Or, an athlete going up and down the “One Hundred Stairs” for his routine training - maybe?
...Or, a young couple taking an evening walk through the bush trails, sharing their dreams and plans for their future together - probably?
...Or, a dog splashing in the cool of the Puhinui Stream, while its owner pauses against a tree to shake out a small stone from his boot - possibly?
...Or, a stressed young mother taking some time out, sitting under the shade of a puriri, drinking in peace and strength, as a little fan-tail chatters and flits from twig to twig nearby...
Whatever pictures might have come to their minds, I am glad that they secured it for us, aren’t you?

Welcome to Totara Park (605 x 915mm)

Forest Park (600 x 500mm)

Living Waters (600 x 500mm)

Beside Still Waters (600 x 500mm)

The Green Tunnel (600 x 500mm)

100 Stairs (600 x 500mm)

99 Steps (600 x 500mm)

The Heart Resounds (500 x 600mm)

Whispers In The Gully (500 x 600mm)

Buttercup Glade (450 x 450mm)

Delights Of Shimmering Light (280 x 355mm)

The Great Heritage (605 x 915mm)

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